March 1

Okay Okay Okay!!! The first day of my celibacy. No temptations so far. Saw my ex from a distance. It’s getting easier seeing him. It kind of helps that I’m on my period and I’m “studying” for two test I have tomorrow. My phone also currently doesn’t work right now, so I have many things […]

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Life so far

So he asked me to come over. He didn’t really want to kiss me and was barely touching, he still bussed a nut so I guess he was good. I told him I couldn’t do it with him like that again. It had to be like before. He said  ok and called me over the next night. […]

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My ex texted me yesterday. Think it’s just because he’s horny. I know I said I’m starting over in March (I still am), but I’m contemplating on if I should do it with my ex again. Like tonight. I don’t know what to do. I wish y’ll would respond and help me figure this out. […]

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Starting Over

I think I want to go celibate for awhile. Starting in March. Feels weird starting in the middle of February. I think I’m low key a sex addict. I just need a break from boys, and sex, and just confusion in general. I feel like I’m losing myself in a way and the only dick […]

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My Ex

The story on how I became single again. Not heart broken you guys. It was just four months ( a waste of time really), however I can say I liked the idea of having a boyfriend being that I was single previously for five years. Middle school don’t count right? No, so this was my […]

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I know what made me want to create this blogging site thing. I have a lot of sh*t going on in my life. No mid-life crisis or anything just stressful stuff. I’m (19) basically 20 in April and I feel like I’m too old to not have most of my sh*t together, but to young […]

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