I know what made me want to create this blogging site thing. I have a lot of sh*t going on in my life. No mid-life crisis or anything just stressful stuff. I’m (19) basically 20 in April and I feel like I’m too old to not have most of my sh*t together, but to young to be worrying about having everything together. I’ve been told so many times how mature I am. I have a stable job, a car I payed for, and in college that I’m mostly paying for. Things that are stressing me out… My ex and I just broke up (1st boyfriend ever) because he cheated on me with a girl he talked to and met off of Instagram. He sweet talked me and cheated on his girlfriend with me. I tried to move on and talk to someone else and I later found out it was his new teammate. My ex is highly pissed off with me because of that. Then my mom nags every time I come home School is hard as fu*k. I’m just ready for a fresh start and new people. I want to move somewhere else by myself. Maybe Florida.

I’ll talk about my ex another time but yes, life stresses started this infamous blog.

STrinity xoxo


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