My Ex

The story on how I became single again. Not heart broken you guys. It was just four months ( a waste of time really), however I can say I liked the idea of having a boyfriend being that I was single previously for five years. Middle school don’t count right? No, so this was my “first boyfriend”.

Let start off by saying I am not a whore, nor do I sleep with every guy I meet. I can literally count my body count on one hand. With him though felt different. That raw physical, sexual attraction. Our first time having sex was on the second day of meeting each other. The way he touched me so rough but gentle and whispered lovely words in my ear. His lips slowly left hot wet trails down my neck, over my breast then lingered over my belly ring. It was so beautiful and so passionate.

Anyways, I was hooked and that led to fucking nearly everyday. Then spending the night. Staying on the phone all night. So I didn’t try to rush anything. He knew I had a friend with benefits so I asked if that’s what he wanted to be. He said no to that and no to being a fuck buddy and said I was his “girl”. I like people to be straight up with me so I know my role so to speak. If I was his and he was mine, that was that and it wasn’t a secret.

Two months and some weeks in and I realized I’ve never been on a date. Ever. With anyone. We talked about it and I understood how it could be hard to balance school, practice, games and somewhat working plus your girlfriend. On school breaks though I figured it shouldn’t be an issue. He kept talking about meeting my mom and me meeting his mom and how he told his mom about me. I was like “damn you moving a little fast, I haven’t even mentioned you to my mom yet”.

Christmas break comes around and I would visit him after I got off of work. I met his mom and he met mine. Still haven’t been on a date but I noticed literally the day after Christmas he started acting differently. Not calling as much, ignoring my calls, responding to text late as hell but I let it go. We get back to school and he post this ugly girl on his page talking about she was a model.

Turns out they only met once and “didn’t have sex” just smoked. They started talking on Instagram and I don’t know what else to tell you. I told him I forgive him (definitely going to miss the sex. A LOT!) but he did make me feel special when we were alone. He’s just a cheater though cause he cheated on her too with me. He said he was confused on what he wanted (her or me) so I told him just choose her and I’ll talk to someone else. He didn’t want me to do that but thanks to him I’m single now.

I totally embarrassed myself in front of the new guy I liked. I tripped in front of him twice and got caught starting at him in class. We started talking and I found out they were on the same team and I swear I did not continue to talk to him just to get back at my ex. Just sort of happened that way. My ex is totally pissed but more on the new guy next time.

STrinityy xoxo


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