Life so far

So he asked me to come over. He didn’t really want to kiss me and was barely touching, he still bussed a nut so I guess he was good. I told him I couldn’t do it with him like that again. It had to be like before. He said  ok and called me over the next night. I had to get a little tipsy to deal with him. He brings out to many emotions for me to handle when I’m sober. The sex was way better though and we talked about a lot. He still has a girlfriend, but I think they’ve been going through stuff already too. Not my problem. He let me spend the night and slept with me since I was fucked up anyways. Still was kind of hesitant to touch me which was very annoying. I’m pretty sure he’s going to ask me to come over again tonight. I still want him even though I know he’s a liar and a cheater. Maybe I’m crazy. He said I still shouldn’t have had sex with his teammate, just him while he has a girlfriend. His teammate asked me to come over last night but I turned him down. It’s not like I get anything out of having sex with him. The sex is bad and I basically have to make myself come. On top of all this, it feels like my bestfriend and I are growing apart. Which is fine because we all get older and move on. I feel like I’m out growing her though. She’s still childish like she was when I first met her. I’m trying to better myself the older I get and she just wants to be stationary. She’s older than me by the way. I just wish this would happen later on in life. Not now when I lose my boyfriend. This is when I would really need her. So now I have no boyfriend, no best friend. It’s just me and of course my family. And don’t get me started on school. I’m stressed out and life is hard so far. Hopefully it turns around because I’m getting depressed. I don’t know if it’s because of life or just my period about to come on. Who knows???? Bye loves


STrinity oxox


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