March 1

Okay Okay Okay!!! The first day of my celibacy. No temptations so far. Saw my ex from a distance. It’s getting easier seeing him. It kind of helps that I’m on my period and I’m “studying” for two test I have tomorrow. My phone also currently doesn’t work right now, so I have many things working in my favor.

Does masturbating take away from your celibacy? I’m always horny so that hasn’t changed, but I’m not messing with any boys. Two guys have already tried to talk to me, but I’m not attracted to them. I think I’m doing ok for the first day.

I’ve also made another big decision. I’m currently looking for an Airforce Recruiter. I want to go ahead and get basic training over with in the summer and then come back to take classes. I was going to wait and graduate and then go in as an officer, but that’s not how life is working out so far. I’m just trying to push through this semester right now. It’s a guarantee that I will be doing that though.

I’ll try to keep you all up with my celibacy, school, and the Airforce.

STrinity oxox


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